How to Become a Crypto Billionaire in 15 Minutes. Legally.

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In light of recent events around crypto, I wanted to show how you can quickly and 100% legally become a crypto billionaire, without stealing or scamming.

All it takes is a little knowledge of smart contracts, 15 minutes of your time, and about $150 to set the events in motion.

All the details, with proof, are in the video. If you want a short version, see the article below.

First, a few definitions:

Fair value is the estimated price at which an asset is bought or sold when both the buyer and seller freely agree on a price.

Mark to market (MTM) is a method of measuring the fair value of assets and liabilities that can fluctuate over time.

Both definitions are from Investopedia, I'm not creating new standards here.

In short, M2M value = Current price x Total supply.

If something is worth $1 and there's 100 of it on the market, then M2M value is $100.

Now that the definitions are established, I need to figure out how to create $1 billion of value, fast.

To achieve this, I'll create a cryptocurrency. I'll create a SharKoin.

Here's the whole smart contract for it.

Smart Contract Image

I'm using OpenZeppelin preset for ERC20. All the heavy lifting is already in there. I just need to:

  • Name the coin (SharKoin)
  • Give it a ticker (SHARK)
  • Mint one billion and ten coins (more on that later)

And deploy!

Deployment Image

SharKoin is live on mainnet.

Here's the transaction that deployed my new coin:

Transaction Link

And here's the smart contract for SharKoin:

Smart Contract Link

It wasn't cheap though. To deploy SharKoin I paid $42.84.

And that's just the beginning. I'm not a billionaire yet, I'm $43 poorer than I started.

I'll need some USD later on, so I'll swap 0.01 ETH for USDC now. $3.44 fee to get $11.18.

This billionaire life ain't cheap.

Transaction Image

Ok, so now I have a billion and ten SharKoins, but it doesn't make me a billionaire. That would be too easy and too naive.

I need to make each SharKoin be worth at least $1, while controlling a billion of them.

So let's create a market for them.

Market Creation Image

I'm creating a pool on Uniswap with 10 USDC and 10 SHARK in it.

Here's the pool: Uniswap Pool Link

It's getting real.

Now there's a market for SHARK. But there's still no value yet because M2M value = price * total supply.

So I need to buy 1 SHARK for 1 USDC. And that's exactly what I do.

Transaction Image

Proof of transaction: Transaction Proof

And the moment that transaction went through, I became a billionaire.

Official, verifiable, proof-on-chain, legal billionaire.

(Mark to Market value of course, but we have established at the beginning that it's the most fair way of estimating asset value)

Now I could go and use SHARK as collateral to buy other tokens, to get ETH, BTC, whatever. But I won't do that. I'm not greedy. I believe that 10 figures should be enough for anybody. I'm your friendly "billionaire next door".

And that's how you become a billionaire in 15 minutes, for a steep but reasonable price of less than $150. I think it's a fair price to pay to get to 10 figures. With that, let me get to do what I want to do, never having to work for a paycheck again.


— Your friendly "billionaire next door"